I do not bully people into changing behaviours, but instead offer useable options to help them make better decisions online. So very often, the pride I have for my work comes in the feedback from those who have seen me present. It is such comments and support that is continuing to motivate me to continue to drive change here in Australia. I share some of those with you here.

Morgan Lewis

CEO Australia Day Council

    "Paul leaves a lasting impression on the people he meets. Whether talking to a school student, the media or a senior Government official, he is focused and compelling yet humble and extremely personable. His presentations are highly regarded not just for his valuable content but for his style and delivery."


St Peter's Primary School

    "Thank you for the opportunity to attend the very informative, eye opening Cyber Safety Talk with Paul Litherland last night. It was extremely informative! It was by far one of the best presentations I have been a part of at St Peter’s. The information that Paul presented had opened my eyes to a lot of things that I was very much unaware of. My sons are not big gamers but we can still be educated on things that we as parents can look out for. Yes it was a bit terrifying to hear what goes on in our own homes, it made me realise I can’t live with my head in the sand and I need to educate myself so that I can educate my boys on these topics. Thank you again."


Winthrop Primary School

    "Thanks for the talk at Winthrop last night. I have an 8 year old daughter and it was so great to get this information before it's too late. I really appreciate your informative and witty delivery, as well as your thorough research and amazing life experience and bravery for working in this area. Thanks again, keep doing what you do."

Student - Year 9

Iona Presentation College

    "He was so so so good! Not only me, but all my friends loved listening to him. Paul made it enjoyable and not just a scary or over used topic. Unlike some presenters that just try to "fit in" or say things that they think will be relevant to us, Paul actually understood because he's been through it and he knows what it's like. He constantly assured us and made sure we knew what it was all about and the effect it had and what we could do about it. I was genuinely interested and I was listening the whole time, wanting to take in everything. I am super excited to have him come in again."


Student - Year 6

Aubin Grove Primary School

    "Wow. Just Wow. Paul Litherland from Surf Online Safe gave an excellent presentation tonight. Engaging, interesting, eye opening and informative. This guy is SUCH a resource for parents everywhere! He is a very in-demand speaker so we hope we can book him again as soon as possible."

Parents & Friends Association

St Mary's School, Merredin

    "Hi Paul, thank you for coming to our school and sharing your amazing knowledge with us. I had no idea about how many hackers and scammers there are on the internet, I was shocked. Your presentation was really helpful and I plan to pass this knowledge on to my younger sister, who is starting the ICT program soon. I hope in the future, you can continue to do the amazing work that you do, to teach even more kids about being internet aware."

Student - Year 7

Frederick Irwin College

    "That is the first talk we have ever had where someone has actually spoken to us instead of just telling us off or telling us what not to do. Me and my friends spoke before the talk and thought it was going to be a typical cyber safety speech. We were so wrong. It was funny and you were so spot on about what we are using. That was brilliant Paul and you are the best presenter we have ever seen. I can't wait to see you again next year."


Student - Year 8

John XXIII College

    "Hi Mr Litherland, I’m a student at John XXIII College, where you did one of your talks today. I just wanted to let you know that you had some really cool statistics and presented some great information - I heard many people talking about it afterwards, saying things like “I’m going to turn off my location services now!” and “I’d better make my phone name a different name to mine!” I really think that your talks are making a difference - keep doing what your doing! It’s making a difference, whether it’s small or not, you’re keeping the next generation of Perth safe online. Keep up the awesome work!"

Student - Year 12

Leeming Senior High School

    "Paul, you are going to be so missed by the year 12's at Leeming. My friends and I actually feel sad that we will not see you talk again. We have heard you speak every year from year 7 and you have always respected us and we do believe you are actually having a massive influence at our school. I know for a fact that you have helped so many of us and your advice has always been useful. Thanks so much."

Christine Lester

West Coast Ed Support

    "Thank you so much for your time. You really do know how to engage our students. The parents who attended your presentation, raved about the information and integrity of your comprehensive knowledge, stating ‘Absolutely fantastic, if only there were more people like Paul helping our children.’ Kind regards."



Kinross Primary School

    "I would just like to say thanks for your efforts at Kinross Primary last night. I can only speak on behalf of my wife and I (although I'm positive alot of the other parents would agree), when I say that your presentation was one of the most informative, harrowing and not to mention entertaining presentations I have sat through! I say harrowing from the fact that you shed light on what I've heard alot about but had not wanted to acknowledge, as in my naivety I believe my kids are still to young to start worrying about this just yet. I now understand the point of your presentation, being that communication is the key, has made me realise that it's never too early to open up dialect with my kids."

Student - Year 10

Canning Vale College

    "Hello Mr Litherland, I wanted to say again how much I liked your talk today at my school. You have really inspired me and I wish I could do what you do. I spoke with my friends after the talk and we all talked about how passionate you seemed to be about your work. You taught me so much and made me want to make changes to what I do online straight away. Even my friends started changing the settings to their phones. We always have other people come to the school and talk about cyber safety, but there is no way any other talk will be as good as yours. Thank you for what you are doing."


Leeming Senior High School

    "I went to one of Pauls talks again this year, which is my third year in a row and each time he offers more information. Stuff that I can actually use. For me, what sticks out is his passion and how hard he is actually working for the kids at our school. His honesty is confronting at times, but how he delivers it is remarkable. It is actually very motivating. Each year he talks at Leeming, my kids talk about it at home and that gives me a chance to talk with them. Thanks for such a great speaker. One of the best I have ever seen.."



St Brigid's College

    "I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Guest Speaker the girls had yesterday. As most parents do, for many years I have spoken to my daughter about posting photos, being safe on-line, etc. and have received the "yeah, yeah" response. Yesterday was the first time I have heard her come home raving about how great a speaker was at school. She was telling us how she was going to delete many of the "friends" she has on Facebook she doesn't really know and how she was going to make sure the location function on her phone was always off.

    She has a younger brother who doesn't have any social media yet, but like most boys does play games on the computer that have "chat". Because she was so enthusiastic about the topic he was listening and it was a great way to again broach the subject of cyber safety with him. I hope this speaker has had as big an effect on many of the girls as it did on my daughter. Cyber stalking is a constant worry of parents now days. Thanks for arranging a great speaker."